BRR 2019-08-17 Hour 2 Show

Our usual programming is postponed until next week, so please enjoy this retrospective of one of the BRR gang’s favorite broadcasts!

Learn more about this visionary conference at

Learn more about this visionary and exciting event at


Hour 2

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Matt, Eddie, Lee and Jacob meet up at NatSol 2019


Matt and Lee keep up our marathon broadcast, entertaining the wonderful men of The League of The South.

Special Note:

See Liberty News Radio Network Archives for hours 1 and 2 (8 pm to 10 pm CST )of our marathon Broadcast coverage of the June 2019 National Solutions Conference from Montgomery Bell State Park Tennessee, including the following guest, plus many more!

By Line

Rick Tyler is the American Freedom party 2020 Presidential candidate and organizer of The June 28-June 30, 2019 Nationalist Solutions Conference. Jacob Tyler is BRR Cohost and Son of Rick Tyler. Doctor Michael Hill is President of The League of the South. Doctor Tom Sunic is a former resident of Croatia, and a major contributor to many scholarly journals, magazines and other media. 4 additional members from The League of the South are eloquent, articulate and accurate.