BRR – 9-7-2019 – Hour 1

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Hour 1

Pat Shannan: Author, researcher, investigative journalist and conspiracy expert.

Dr. Kevin Barret: Activist, prolific author, renowned scholar of the 9/11 Truth Movement









Jacob hosts the first hour and interviews the incomparable Mr. Pat Shannan, the legendary investigative journalist and renowned authority on the many diabolical conspiratorial machinations throughout the past century on up to the present of the ruling elite.  Also joining us is the esteemed Dr. Kevin Barret, one of the foremost intellectuals and scholars of the 9/11 Truth movement who is also a prolific author and has been featured in numerous 9/11 documentaries.

In memoriam of the upcoming anniversary of the false flag terror attack on 9/11, Jacob, Pat, and Dr. Barret  discuss a great many of the innumerable intricacies and anomalies of the official story about the goings on of that tragic day.  Pat regales us with a summary of those inconsistencies which are especially notable in the piquing of his conspiratorial sensibilities and Dr. Barret demonstrates his scholarly prowess as he goes into considerable analytical detail about some of the most outrageous absurdities regarding those same anomalies and inconsistencies.

As always, there is simply not nearly enough time in a two hour broadcast format to truly mine the depths of any matter of substance and consequently, in spite of the great deal of ground that was covered in the fascinating exchange between Mr. Shannan and Dr. Barret that ensued, we were only able to touch the tip of the proverbial iceberg that is this hot-button issue.

There is a veritable mountain of information to delve into on the topic, but we recommend you start with Dr. Barret’s website, and Pat Shannan’s website,  Both of these indefatigable warriors for the cause of truth, liberty and righteousness have written numerous books which you can purchase from their websites; A great way, we might add, to support their ongoing work, all while making some excellent acquisitions for your library.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to have such distinguished guests on, and we look forward to having them on again in the future!