Blood River Radio 2022-09-03 Hour 1 Show

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Host: Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller

Cohosts: Nancy “Big Sister” Hitt and Rayn “Alabama Lone Wolf” Owens

Tune in and hear us cover the following all out attacks on our White world-wide family.

The U.S. hedonism versus today’s Russia plus comments about the U.S. support of Ukraine.

1. Define drag queen.
2. Librarian leadership/unions are far-left.
3. The financing of libraries with our taxes.
4. The connection between drag queen story hour & libraries.
5. Foolish brainwashed parents who allow children to attend.
6. The recent drag queens at a restaurant that was protected by Antifa thugs.
7. Define Antifa and its members. Jews are always to be found working against Christians . . SPLC
is just one such organization, but they founded the NAACP and other such left groups.
8. Communist Soviet Russia was full of Jews. They destroyed churches and killed priests.
9. Recent statements by Putin regarding gay marriage and against homo propaganda directed at children/doubling fines, etc.
10. Jewish USSR not today’s smaller Russia.
11. History of Ukraine as part of Russia with mention of the Holodomor and the settlement of Mennonites under Catherine the Great.
12. Why is the U.S. poking the Russian Bear?


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