Blood River Radio 2020-10-10 Hour 1 Show

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Hosted by Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller, Jacob Tyler

Guests: Pastor Everette Ramsay and assorted pastors attending the Christian Identity (C.I.) in Houston Missouri

Jacob is on the road this weekend in attendance of the Faith Baptist Church Homecoming Conference, a prominent gathering of Anglo Israel Devotees featuring a power-packed roster of dissident pastors from those circles and spheres of influence.  The event draws a crowd of 2-300 each year—an impressive gathering by any metric—but an especially notable turnout for what some people insist to be some kooky, fringe element of Christendom.  There are many reasons why this perception is fundamentally false, but the amazing gathering we were blessed to participate in this weekend is as in-your-face and undeniable a reason as any.   Jacob and Jason sit down for a criminally brief, but powerful series of conversations with some certifiable members of the Black Robed Regiment of our time.  What happened from there was some of the best radio you’re likely to hear all year. It is a rare privilege indeed, that we are able to get so many incredible pastors in the same room at the same time.
You can follow Pastor Ramsey’s work and get copies of his books at
Listen to sermons preached by Pastor Jim Jester and Pastor Don Elmore at:
You can check out the work of Pastor Charles Jennings and his ministry here:
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Lawrence Blanchard is a naturopathic doctor and pastor, author, and writer of an exciting new online college course that
teaches you comprehensive understanding of the scripture from the ground up. You can visit his website here:  You can check out the encyclopedic, seven-volume tome he has written on the Anglo Israel thesis here. Check out his online college course, The Bible Mastery Boot Camp here:
You can listen to some of Steve and Bonnie Kukla’s stirring gospel music here.
Big thanks to our friend, Attorney Jason Robb for his invaluable assistance in coordinating with all of our guests this evening so that our listeners could get to know them a bit. To support Jason and the Robb family in their courageous endeavors for the cause of truth, visit their facebook page at:
You can check out Jacob’s blog at
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This is an annual event folks, so do consider attending this gathering next year and joining in the fellowship.  While we see and cover and participate in a lot of amazing events on Blood River Radio each year, we can rather emphatically say that there is nothing quite like this one!

We’d also like to thank our good friend, Pastor Ramsey for his cooperation with us, and to Mrs. Ramsey and the folks at his church who were so helpful to us in getting the ball rolling for tonight’s show.

Our apologies for the technical difficulties, and to the one who wanted to call in tonight.  We always welcome folks to try, but sometimes, our limited broadcast window just doesn’t give us enough time to take calls.  Lord willing, we’ll have a big enough budget down the road to buy more air time to give us more flexibility in this area.



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