BRR 2019-11-2 Hour 1 Show

Hour 1

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Hour 2:  Eddie Miller, Lee Cochran

Special Project:

The Blood River Radio Guys do it yet again:we live up to the promise we made to our listening family that we would come out from the studio and take it to the field and the road! And that’s exactly what we have done from the get-go and what we continue to do. We are keeping our word.

Matt “The Mole” Goodwin and Jacob “Moon Dog” Tyler have well deserved day off after a grueling 3 day field operation last week at the 15 year anniversary of The Political Cesspool. Eddie The Bombardier Miller and Lee Elvis Cochran loaded up The BRR station wagon and took the show on the road to Potts Camp , Mississippi to join our brothers and sisters of The League of the South for their state meetup.

Hour 1 & 2

Guest: Dr. Michael Hill PHD and National President of The League of The South ( LOS) , Shawn Winkler, President of The Mississippi ( LOS ), Joel Rice ( 5 year member of the LOS and Ike Baker, Operations Manager for LOS.

Dr. Hill explains his / LOS philosophy, and why LOS is vital as a organization to help in the fight for white Southern independence to battle against White genocide. Dr. Hill lays out the bleak prognosis for acquittal in the multiple lawsuits facing Dr Hill and his Chief of Staff ( Mike Tubbs ) in Federal Court in Charlottesville ,Virginia, probably sometime in the Summer of the upcoming year.

Shawn Winkler, Joel Rice, Ike Baker, Eddie and Lee wind out the show talking about several problems vital to white people in the USA and particularly whites in the Southland.