BRR 2020-05-23 Hour 1 Show

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Hosted by Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller, Gene “Mr. Marine Jeans” Andrews

Gene Andrews is a very rare man these days in the age of the metro-sexual effeminate. My spirit brother, Gene is a hell for leather Combat Marine Officer. Gene answered the call of his conscience back in the drug crazed nineteen sixties ,joined the Corps, saw combat in Vietnam, too up close and personal with the VC for comfort! Gene and I rode to Charlottesville together, where we were right in the eye of the storm the history books refer to as “The Battle of Charlottesville”.  I was on duty as a field reporter for Sam Bushman’s Liberty News Radio, where Gene was riding point for The League of the South.  During the 3 days we spent together shoulder to shoulder with our other brothers striving to survive an onslaught by Antifa hordes—- an ambush fully orchestrated by government of Virginia at the highest levels. On that day, I witnessed one of the finest, most principled and heroic men anyone could ever be blessed to serve with.  Gene and I mark  2 weeks in a row following up on what we two old vets began last week. We will cover all things Confederacy and pertinent new developments having a direct or indirect bearing on all whites globally while using the moral guide of our Confederate forebears for positive direction.