BRR 2020-05-02 Hour 1 Show

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Hosted by Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller, Jacob “Moon Dog” Tyler

GUEST: Pastor Everett Sileven Ramsey

Jacob and Pappy welcome Pastor Everett Ramsey  to the show for the first time.  Pastor Ramsey tells the incredible story of America’s First Padlocked Church.  An appalling tale of government overreach and corruption and religious persecution predating Patriot Acts 1 & 2, Waco and Ruby Ridge and even the betrayal and murder of Gordon Kahl which quite arguably set the precedent for state-sponsored religious persecution of Christians in America.

Pastor Ramsey and Jacob talk about how these events tie in with the current Covid-19 Hysteria and about the desperate need for Christians and Pastors in America to overcome their fears and stand strongly and stand courageously against the growing encroachments and attacks against our liberties in America today.

You can check out Pastor Ramsey’s ministry and website at

You can learn the full story in his book,  America’s First Padlocked Church which can be purchased at his website and is a great way to support his ministry—being one of several excellent books written by Pastor Ramsey:

Pastor Ramsey emphasizes that his books are available for free to anyone who wants them, and in so doing sets an excellent example of performing ministry work regardless of the cost with faith that God will provide.  This is great news for anyone who can’t afford to buy the books, but we here at BRR would like to encourage you all to support Pastor Ramsey’s ministry as much as possible and buy his excellent books—especially America’s First Padlocked Church.