BRR 2020-05-16 Hour 2 Show

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Hosted by Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller

GUEST:  Pastor Everett Ramsey

Pastor Ramsey returns to Blood River Radio with an equal parts enthralling and inspiring account of some of his past experiences he and other courageous Christian warriors of the information age over the years fighting against the rising tide of evil that has had the American Republic in its blood-soaked clutches since the 1860’s.   Recounting his activism from the 90’s era in the wake of the infamous “America’s First Padlocked Church” debacle which he discussed with us during his last appearance on the show, we are regaled with a story of daring do’s and courageous activism, in which we are inspired with the reminder that not only are there still Christians who refuse to obsequiously prostrate themselves before the heirarchy enslaving us—but that nothing can harm the servant of God and warrior for truth, liberty and righteousness until God wills it to be so.  The great preacher Charles H. Spurgeon once wrote:  “Though arrows all around me fly, unless he wills I cannot die.  Not a single shaft can hit, until the God of love sees fit.”   Through Pastor Ramsey’s time with us on air tonight, we have most certainly been reminded of the profundity of those words.   After a power-packed first hour where Pappy and “Marine Gene” Andrews exposed the ongoing assault on our heritage that is the desecration of the monuments of American heroes the left has been so fixated on as of late— and showed how patriotic Americans are fighting back and retaking ground from our ideological adversaries, it would seem rather providential that we had the chance to talk with Pastor Ramsey in the 2nd hour.  Reinforcing the fire of the first hour with flame, Pastor Ramsey gets us up to speed on the Courts of Divine Justice he and his congregation among other courageous modern-manifestations of the Black Robed Regiment of 1776 are holding to call the Kings into account–namely the corrupt and treasonous people in positions of power in this country who have been fomenting the Covid-19 hysteria as a pretext to solidify power and further erode the rights of Americans.

It’s been an emotional night here at BRR.  A night of hard-hitting news, accounts of courage and patriotism in the face of unfathomable danger and unspeakable evil, and of God-fearing men being empowered by the God of our fathers to rise up and strike a blow for freedom and truth that shall never be forgotten! We’re so thrilled that you could come fellowship with us on air.

Thank you for tuning in to tonight’s show.  We love you all and will never back down, so long as God gives us strength in our labors in trenches for the Kingdom and the cause of truth, liberty and righteousness.

— Your friends and compatriots and Blood River Radio