BRR 2020-03-28 Hour 2 Show

Hour 2

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Hour 2

Hosted by: Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller

Guest: Major General Nick Glasnovic

After many months of hot pursuit, The Bombardier, with the assistance of Doctor Tomislav Sunic – was able to bring The Living Legend on as our guest to Blood River Radio!

General “Nick” told us about his amazing biography, not the least, having to do with his incredibly  brave military career. The General is a fighting General, unlike those traitor American Generals in the ilk of “The Swedish Jew” Eisenhower , and General George Marshall. General Nick fought in the Canadian Army in the mid east along side American Troops and, later on, from 1991-1995 he fought in the war of Croatian Independence (his native homeland). General Nick was wounded numerous times, at least one of those instances being grievous. He later was elected to the Croatian Parliament where he serves to this day. General Nick remains very active today as a new wave patriot in the service of his native Croatia and indeed, his white racial kinsmen scattered throughout the globe.