BRR 2020-03-28 Hour 1 Show

Hour 1

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Host: Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller

Guest: Dr. Tomislav Sunic

Tonight on the 1st hour of our show, Blood River Radio is blessed and honored to be hosting a Croatian /American Arch Patriot- Dr. Tomislav Sunic. Doctor Sunic began by regaling us with his incredible Biography and continued the rest of the hour detailing his fight against the evils of the Zio-Communist-Satanist conspiracy, whose putrid tendrils are currently embedded, not unlike a certain virus everyone is in a tizzy over at present, in every living cell of government, academia, and the mainstream church throughout the western world. Especially here in America and Canada.

Regarding tonight’s interview with Dr. Sunic, Pappy commented, “I believe Doctor Sunic is the most remarkable intellectual I’ve interviewed, not just because he is an obvious near genius, but mostly because of his humility, gentility and raw courage – all this in one living, breathing, mortal Man of Christ. You will only cheat your self if you pass on this interview!”

You can support Dr. Sunic by buying his books and checking out his work here: