Blood River Radio 2021-03-27 Hour 1 Show

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Hosts: Eddie “The Bombardier Miller” and Gene Andrews

Guests: USS Liberty Survivors: Phil Tourney and Bob Scarborough. Also appearing is Matthew Miller Skow of TruNews

Phil Tourney and Bob Scarborough were young sailors in the United States Navy on that day of infamy, June 8, 1967, when naval and air forces of the outlaw state of Israel attacked the Liberty in international waters with the goal of sinking the vessel and blaming it on Egypt. Israel intended to sic their lapdog (USA) onto yet another innocent victim to fight in yet another of endless wars to make the world safe for Antichrist Israel. 34 sailors / marines were murdered and 174 were injured severely. The ship was the most highly decorated vessel in US Naval history. The attack was planned years in advance, as early as 1964, by the 303 committee. Final approval of the attack was given by President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who even helped coordinate and supervise the act of murder and high treason. To this day, there has never been a congressional investigation into the attack – the only case in history when the US Congress has not investigated an attack on a US Naval vessel. The sailors were threatened with prison and “even worse” if they ever mentioned the event! But MENTION IT we will here on BLOOD RIVER RADIO!




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