BRR 2020-03-21 Hour 2 Show

Hour 2

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Hour 2

Hosted by: Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller and Jacob Tyler

Guest: Pastor John Weaver of Freedom Ministries

Jacob and Eddie kick off the 2nd hour and welcome Pastor John Weaver back for his second outing with Blood River Radio.
No conversation with Pastor Weaver would be complete without some discussion on Confederate History, but the conversation gets really interesting when Pastor Weaver discusses with us how the scriptures’ warning to us that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and the powers of this present darkness” were observable even back in the 1800’s, as Pastor Weaver debunks the “sacred” American mythos about the alleged Christian testimony of Abraham Lincoln and other extenuating conspiratorial aspects of the war of secession.

We also tackle the fabled talking point of the regressive left about how no matter what can be said in defense of the south, the war was about ending slavery, and therefore the end justifies the means as Pastor Weaver points out how slavery is a multi-layered and complex topic, not to mention a phenomenon that has always been observable in every corner of the world on up to the present.

Pastor Weaver’s sermons can be listened to and downloaded at Sermon Audio.  ( and you can view his sermons on Youtube here: