BRR 2020-03-14 Hour 2 Show

Hour 2

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Hour 2

Hosted by: Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller and Monika Schaefer

Guest: Janiece Hamblen

Monika continues on as Host in the first ever all women’s night at Blood River Radio.

Monika and Janiece continue carry the 2nd hour, as they expand upon the White women’s Holocaust inflicted on the entire population of Western Europe and especially inflicted upon German Women and female children. The Mongol hordes were unleashed by the Jooish Commissars of the Red Army upon  the women and children of Western Europe. The feral humans were encouraged to plunder, rape, torture, and mutilate every female in their path. Children as young as 4 yrs old and 90 year old white ladies were raped to death in full view of Family members being forced to watch! We are already witnessing such horrors again in present day South Africa, where white females AND males receive the same merciless torture at the hands of marauding, subhuman, demon-possessed blacks.