BRR 2020-06-06 Hour 1 Show

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Hosted by Eddie “The Son of a Bitch” Miller and Monika “Braveheart” Schaefer.

Pappy and Monika break down a special report tonight on Blood River Radio, breaking down and giving piercing and incisive commentary on what many would call a coup perpetrated against our embattled American Republic, where Defense Secretary Mark Esper brazenly countermanded President Trump’s statements that if local and state governments do not intervene quickly, the military would be deployed to quell the Soros-sponsored BLM and Antifa riots spreading across the nation that have already resulted in untold numbers of injured and endangered people and tens of millions of dollars(at the very least) in property damage; to say nothing of the potentially incalculable damage done to the American economy by the sheer number of small businesses that were targeted in all of the ensuing pandemonium. The seditious actions in question have been covered by the lamestream lapdog press already, and can be read about here and in this New York times article as well.   A sad state of affairs this is, to see government officials who have been so egregiously hesitant to officially designate BLM and Antifa as the dangerous domestic terrorist organizations that they are to suddenly pretend that they are concerned about protecting our liberties and upholding the Constitution at a time where actual, globalist-funded domestic terrorists are rampaging and pillaging their way through the streets of American citizens and harming the persons and livelihood of working-class Americans.  This is only accentuated by the fact today marks the 76th anniversary of the allied invasion of Normandy.