BRR 2020-06-27 Hour 2 Show

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Hosted by Jacob”Moon Dog” Tyler

Guest: Pastor Everett Ramsey and Attorney Jason Robb

Jacob, Pastor Ramsey and Jason hit the ground running going into the second hour resuming their hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners discussion of the current issues in which the our wayward Republic is embroiled and embattled.  The men talk about the need for a neo-Exodus of our children out of the public school system, the rabidly anti-white agenda’s increased intensity in the form of BLM and Antifa’s brazen attacks not just on the our monuments but on white identity in general.  We discuss how this wicked and diabolical agenda has reached such a fever pitch that even Fox-In-the-Hen House news allowed former New York governor, Rudy Giuliani, a consummate insider if ever there was one to go on live TV recently and take the entire BLM movement to task for being the violent terrorist organization that it is.   The clip of this segment from the Laura Ingraham show where he did so was played as we commented on and shared our reactions to it.  You can watch that clip here:

We wrapped up the show by talking about how for all the evil that so typifies this age we’re living in, there is so much that we can yet do to fight the good fight for the cause of truth, liberty and righteousness. Pastor Ramsey and Jason share the details with us about two exciting upcoming conferences their ministries are holding respectively, and what great opportunities for networking and fellowhsiping with like-minded people these will be.  Jacob gives a brief rundown of simple and easy ways we can all support not one, but multiple organizations and ministries even on a shoestring budget, and how if we all followed these simple steps, anyone out there doing good work could have an abundance of financial support.  We end the show with a prayer from pastor Ramsey and an impassioned admonishment from Jacob that hope springs eternal, and that though it is easy to feel isolated in these troubled times, that we are not alone—and that men like Jason and Pastor Ramsey are proof positive of this.  That “where sin abounds, there doth grace more abound” and that we must all stay the course and stand firm against the great evils of our age.

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