BRR 2020-06-27 Hour 1 Show

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Hosted by Jacob “Moon Dog” Tyler

Guest: Pastor Everett Ramsey, Attorney Jason Robb

Jacob welcome Pastor Everett Ramsey and Attorney Jason Robb, both good friends of the show, back to Blood River Radio. Pastor Ramsey opens in prayer. Jason and Pastor Ramsey update us the current goings on and endeavors of the ministries they represent and give us field reports of their most recent activism.  Pastor Ramsey updates us on the progress of the Courts of Divine Justice that he and his congregation have been holding to pray to God and hold our elected officials accountable to God’s law. The gang continues the hour discussing the ongoing war on whiteness going on in America today and how to cope with these realities from a rational perspective while pushing back against the flood tide of evil and the dire need for our people to quit themselves of their dependence on our increasingly corrupt institutions that grow ever more hostile towards red-blooded Americans with each passing day.



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