BRR 2020-06-20 Hour 1 Show

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Hosted by Eddie “The Son of a Bitch” Miller

Guest: League of the South Director, Dr. Michael Hill and LS Chief of Operations, Ike Baker.


It’s League of the South night, and The Bombardier plays host to fellow LS Men as we cover many topics from honoring the USS Liberty and the day of infamy, when Israeli air and naval forces launched a murderous and unprovoked attack on the Liberty in international waters desperately attempting the sink and silence the American Naval intelligence ship—with the full cooperation and assistance of American politicians from the lowest CIA /NSA rat all the way to the LBJ White House. We also refer back to the stunning letter from Arch Bishop Carlo Vigano of Italy to President Trump warning him about the deep-state and the deep-church.  We then cover the recent riots around the world sponsored by the anti-America, Christ-hating higher ups in the radical left;  the military turning traitor in the US; the impending LOS trial in Charlottesville and the (in all likelihood) coming American Civil War.  All this and much more on tonight’s riveting live episode of Blood River Radio where “we take no prisoners“!

+++ Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller  — Give em’ the Black Flag – No Quarter!



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