BRR 2019-07-27 Hour 1 Show

Hour 1

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Matt, Eddie, Lee, and Jacob meet up at NatSol 2019


Host: Eddie The Bombardier Miller, Lee Elvis Cochran

Radio show for July 27th, 2019 on Liberty News Radio

Guest: Doctor Tom Sunic and Keith Alexander of The Political Cesspool


Dr. Sunic traveled from his native Croatia to London, England as an invited guest to speak at the British Identitarian national conference. Dr. Sunic regaled our Blood River Audience ( BRR ) with the short and to the point version of what was said and done there. Dr. Sunic’s main topics were supposed to include a) Replacement of European Whites with nonwhite invaders. b.) The New British Government and what’s at stake, and d.) How can white patriots be more affirmative. Sadly, the time elapsed too soon but Dr. Sunic plans to return to BRR to conclude his unfinished task. Attorney Keith Alexander and The Bombardier breakdown the main points of Dr. Sunic’s Talk. . . the necessity of white identity for our racial survival.