Due to a death in Sam Bushman’s family, tonight features a rebroadcast of one of our most popular broadcast. For a fully detailed description, please refer to our May 30 Hour 2 show notes.

BRR 2020-05-30 Hour 1 Show

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Hosted by Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller, Gene “Mr. Marine Jeans” Andrews

Guest: Major General Nick Glasnovic, Croatian Parliament Member


Tonight Blood River Radio holds to its promise of coming out from the studio into the streets, avoiding fortified, walled, heavily armed compounds and pointless, dry, repetitious hot winded, pseudo-intellectual speeches. Instead, once again, we use BRR as a class room for teaching the most vital lesson of our current time. We supply our BRR family members with the finest instructors available to teach a grass roots, from the ground up lesson on the  hows and whys we need to reconstitute the Constitutional Militia of the Several States.And, with the entire United States of America suffering coast to coast rioting by howling troops of apelike, hate filled hyper-violent blacks filled with hate for anything white. Probably the most alarming, tens of thousands of self hating ,Antifa are rioting side by side with the out of control savage blacks! With all of this hell being released on White America as I write this, BRR seems to be playing “the prophet . Our  Militia course seems all the more providential!