BRR 2019-07-13 Hour 2 Show

Hour 2

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Matt, Eddie, Lee, and Jacob meet up at NatSol 2019


Host: Eddie The Bombardier Miller, Lee Cochran, Matt Miller

The Bombardier continues on the second hour with Guest Dave Gahary – Coauthor of the book “Erasing the Liberty”. Dave discussed the difficulty in making the bombshell movie- Sacrificing the Liberty- in the face of never-ending lack of funds. Dave informed us that there are two movies coming out- one by TruNews that is mostly a documentary based on the survivor’s eyewitness testimony of what happened that day in 1967 when the Israeli military attacked and massacred US Servicemen on the high seas in international waters. Dave’s company, unlike Trunews, is making a full-length feature film to be released as soon as possible.