BRR 2019-07-13 Hour 1 Show

Hour 1

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Matt, Eddie, Lee, and Jacob meet up at NatSol 2019


Host: Eddie The Bombardier and Matt “The Mole ” Goodwin rip it up tonight having fun while bringing on the latest news story of the day. Lee had the night off for a needed break and Jacob had to take the night off to help a friend.

Guest: Rick Tyler of The AFP ( American Freedom Party) gives a detailed breakdown of his goals which he hopes to accomplish with his run for the Presidency. Rick says even if he doesn’t win, he wants to “set a fire” under the patriot community. You never know what good a Christian man can accomplish if he has God on his side. Rick and the BRR guys also thoroughly breakdown the continuing saga of the Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking ring that has snared a host of very high profile people, including, but not limited to high ranking Trump cabinet member, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta and even former president, Bill Clinton.