BRR 2020-07-11 Hour 1 Show

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Hosted by Eddie “The Son of a Bitch” Miller, Jacob “Moon Dog” Tyler

Guest: n/a

The Son of a bitch and Moon Dog really get after it tonight in full attack mode hot on the trail of the BLM terrorist and Antifa soy boys. We play some hair raising clips from the great Tucker Carlson . . . those clips will raise goose bumps on your butt when you see just how close we are to a complete communist, Bolshevik , Luciferian takeover of this once white, Christian nation. These Terrorists hate our guts! The end game will be our extermination if they win out, don’t fool yourself or be lulled into complacency. They want to kill you and your family. If you want to join up with the only white civil defense group Radio operation in the USA, jump aboard because  the BRR River Radio guys give no quarter and take no prisoners!

Relevant Links:
The article referenced by Tucker Carlson about the Seattle’s anti-white, racist “Diversity Training”:

Seattle city council turns on Mayor Jenny “Summer of Love” Durkan:

We’re Not Sorry (Credit: Omniphi Media)


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