BRR 2020-01-04 Hour 1 Show

Hour 1

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Host: Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller with Cohost Lee “Elvis” Cochran

Guest: Attorney at Law Jason Robb council for The Knights Party

Narrative: Tonight we are back for our first live attack cast after playing a taped archive show over the New Year Sabbatical.

We honor and memorialize the young white Victims of two vicious black killer gangs. It’s the anniversary month ( January 7,2007 ) of the Chris Newsom and Channon Christian rape, dismemberment, burning alive, hideous, endless torture sessions. All this atrocity was done by a pack of feral black negroes because they hated whites. Also, in January of 2000 a similar atrocity was inflicted upon young innocent whites in Wichita, Kansas. We at BRR will completely these horror that the ziomedia covers up.

Next, we cover the International Criminal Court resolution to investigate Israel for War crimes.