BRR 2020-01-11 Hour 2 Show

Hour 2

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Hour 2

Hosted by: Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller, Lee “Elvis” Cochran, and Jacob “Moon Dog” Tyler

Guest: Dr. Edward R. DeVries

Pappy, Lee and Jacob come out swinging in the second hour with a truly distinguished guest, Dr./Pastor Edward DeVries, host of the Dixie Heritage Hour on TBR Radio.

About Tonight’s Guest:

The Rundown:

The gang chews the proverbial fat with Dr. DeVries about the ongoing assault on southern heritage and some of the more recent developments on that front.  As the hour unfolds, Dr. DeVries lays to rest the tortured premise that has gained a mild degree of acceptance in recent years that the advancement of the globalist agenda and the gas-lighting of people of European descent throughout the world into being ashamed of our heritage and forsaking our birthright is an extension of the Christian worldview.  The dialog that ensued further brought to light that not only is this a woeful fallacy amongst some right-wingers, but that the adherents of lamestream, modern churchianity who align themselves with the damnably devilish agenda of white genocide/replacement which was discussed with Mr. Fromm in the first hour are unwittingly aligning themselves and are in league with antichrists.

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