Blood River Radio 2021-02-06 Hour 1 Show

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Host: Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller

Guests: Major General “Nick” Glasnović and Monika “Miss Braveheart” Schaefer

Major General “Nick” Glasnović is a Croatian parliament member. THE General is a giant among midgets in an era of metrosexuals and bull dykes. Monika Schaefer is a Canadian citizen of German lineage. Monika suffered imprisonment in a German gulag because she refused to back down from her assertion that the Holocaust is a huge lie that we have been brainwashed with for 50 years plus. Tune in as “The General” and “The Bombardier” do part 2 of BRR’s series on what it’s like living in a communist dictatorship. Monika joins us later in the 1st hour.

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