Blood River Radio 2022-02-26 Hour 1 Show

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Host: Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller

Guests: Fred Leuchter and Jim Rizoli

Both Fred and Jim were engineers and integral members of the Ernst Zundel defense team that spent time in Europe investigating the so called death camps where millions of Jews were allegedly gassed by Germans.
Fred and Jim along with their team of investigators proved that the so-called death camps never existed.

Tonight we critique last weeks presentation of the ground breaking book by super author, Tom Goodrich and the audio version read by Paul English. We continue with a BRR memorial to those much maligned and lied about German people and all the vicious lies about World War I and II. We finish what we could not cover last week about the genocidal campaign waged against the German people by the ZOG controlled British and Americans manifested by an all out air attack with incendiary bombing of every city in Germany of any size. Helpless civilians: men, women, children and even animals were marked and targeted for a fiery death from the air. The war in 1945 was all but over. The Allies only motivation for the fire bombing was to completely exterminate every last German! The Jewish led campaign continues to this day and has spread world-wide in scope. The aim of the international Jew has never changed – extermination of every last White person on the face of the earth.


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