BRR 2019-12-21 Hour 1 Show

Hour 1

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Guest: Tamara Goodwin, mother of The Battle Charlottesville Political prisoner, Jacob Goodwin.

Host: Eddie The “Bombardier” Miller,  and Lee “Elvis” Cochran.

Us Blood River Men begin our Christmas episode business as usual. Unlike other media outlets, we NEVER lay our swords down and we are damned sure not “beating them into plow shares”! We can’t afford the luxury of a peaceful day. Our enemies never rest.They don’t respect anything, least of all, the Birthday of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ – Almighty God incarnate! Our enemies are the Sons of The Devil and do the will of their father, Satan, that old Serpent. They seek to destroy us 24/7, 365. That’s why we can never rest! So if it’s Christmas carols you want, find another venue. Other wise, hold on to your seats for a “white knuckle ride”! –Eddie The Bombardier Miller