BRR 2020-08-08 Hour 1 Show

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Hosted by Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller

Guest: “General” Michael Hill Director League of the South (LS), Richard Hamblen

Special: Battle of Charlottesville 3rd Anniversary Broadcast

Blood River Radio is the only media outlet in the world whose entire staff was boots on the ground, up close and personal, operating squarely in the epicenter of “Hurricane Charlottesville”.  That watershed day of infamy on which the Blood River Radio Staff was involved elbow deep as history was literally unfolded right before our very eyes. Not one staff member escaped the wrath of the rabble of feral animals that attacked us that day of August 12, 2017.  Of course, the usual suspects were at the forefront of the violence instigated against the attendees of Unite the Right: the Christ hating international Jew and all their accomplices in the Zio-media, Zio-banking, Zio-Academia, Zio-transnational Corporations/cartels, supranational NGO’s.  In the aftermath of it all, a hitherto unprecedented level of collusion between all these entities, the mayor of Charlottesville, the Governor of Virginia and the Communist Antifa hordes was plain to be seen.  All of this coupled with their usual hit pieces on the Christian White Patriots. Radio, T.V., News print—in which they belted out narratives as if they were doing an eye witness report of the second coming.  What better proof could we ask for that the powers that be are positively terrified of white Americans overcoming their fear of buzzwords and labels and truly unifies over common interests?

Tune in tonight as Blood River Radio Reports the truth about who the true heroes were and what actually happened. We at Blood River Radio will pass the truth on to our progeny for as long as we live. That’s the only way of getting the truth out.

BLOOD RIVER WARRIORS IN JESUS SERVICE At Charlottesville—Gene Andrews Matt Goodwin Jacob Tyler  Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller

Honorary Monika Schaefer (Former Political Prisoner/victim of the Holohoax)

Download the AFP issue dedicated to Charlottesville, which also features Jacob’s man-on-the-ground report here:
Issue 35_36 2017 AFP
You can also download the issue of AFP which Jacob’s article on the follow up White Lives Matter event in Shelbyville here:
Issue 45_46 2017 AFP



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