BRR 2020-08-15 Hour 2 Show

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Hosted by Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller

Guest: Nellie, Matt Goodwin

Guest : Nellie was a eye witness at the Battle of Charlottesville. She was right in the epicenter of some of the greatest, most vicious attacks by the Antifa and BLM crowd. Tune in as She relates her version of who the real heroes were that day that will be a watershed event in the history books.  Nellie will verify the fact that at least two young white men. . . Jacob Goodwin and Daniel Borden are were framed and railroaded into the gulag by a corrupted court from the Judge, Prosecutor and jury – all of whom were in on the fix.

Matt Goodwin – Cohost of BRR will give his version of what happened that day. He is highly qualified to do so, as he was one of the future BRR that had boots on the ground, up close and personal with the most vicious enemy imaginable!


Download the AFP issue dedicated to Charlottesville, which also features Jacob’s man-on-the-ground report here:
Issue 35_36 2017 AFP
You can also download the issue of AFP which Jacob’s article on the follow up White Lives Matter event in Shelbyville here:
Issue 45_46 2017 AFP








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