BRR 2020-08-01 Hour 1 Show

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Hosted by Eddie ” THE Son of a Bitch “Miller and “Brother” Gene Andrews

Guest: “General” Michael Hill Director League of the South (LS)

Last week the Blood River Radio guys were out of the Studio. We were graciously invited to attend David Dukes 70th Birthday Party that was put together by my friend and younger brother in arms, James Edwards via TPC. The Birthday celebration included a field trip on a luxurious bus – more like a 747 than a bus—to participate in a tour of the beautiful Fort Pillow State Park, the site of the April 12, 1864 Battle In which the Confederate Forces, led by the Great General Nathan Bedford Forrest completely routed the Union Army Forces garrisoned there.

Gene Andrews and Dr Michael Hill will initiate discussion of all the latest business pertinent to the LOS, and begin debunking the vicious lies still circulating by our Zio-media disparaging the honor of our glorious Confederate Heroes. Tune in for live radio that takes no prisoners!



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