BRR 2020-04-18 Hour 2 Show

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Hosted by Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller Cohosted by  Monika “Braveheart” Schaefer and Birthe “Spartan” Voss.

BRR continues our series exposing the falsehoods and fabrications which permeate and pervade the holocaust industry in tonight’s show.  Pappy, Birthe and Monika rip back the curtain of this Hollowcause sideshow, exposing it for the trade marked, patented, racket that it is—demonstrating not just the fraudulent nature of the whole paradigm, but also how it has been vaunted and elevated by the mainstream media to the status of a religion.  A religion whose false, satanic god is bitterly jealous and who will accept no others before it.  Abandon hope in the prevailing zeitgeist, all ye who enter here!