Blood River Radio 2021-04-17 Hour 1 Show

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Host: Eddie “The Bombardier Miller”

Guests: Major General Nick Glasnovic (current sitting member of the Croatian Parliament), Dr Tom Sunić (university professor, author and international lecturer)

General Nick and Dr Sunić are good friends, fellow Croatian citizens, Christians and patriots of the highest order. Tonight these great men brief us on the outcomes of their recent meeting with the Alternative Party for Germany and their interactions with fellow Christians and patriots encountered on their travels throughout Eastern Europe. In addition The General, Dr Sunić and The Bombardier discuss the most critical and extremely dangerous developments relating to seemingly imminent confrontation between the USA, Russia and Red China. Will the Luciferian-Bolshevik-Jew controlled America force Russia into the war that brings Armageddon to our living room? Tune in and find out what these men predict.

Blood River Radio



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