BRR 2020-04-11 Hour 1 Show

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Hosted by: Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller

Guest: Mrs. Patti Stockman wife of Former Congressman Steve Stockman ( R-TX)

BRR welcomes returning guest, Mrs. Patti Stockman to tonight’s program. Mrs. Stockman is here to give us the latest news on her husband Steve Stockman’s dire medical condition. Steve is a political prisoner who was locked up by the Obama administration and is still serving time in a  very dangerous Louisiana Federal prison; a prison that’s normally reserved for high risk, violent repeat offenders. Even though Congressman Stockman was wrongly convicted of a victimless crime. Congressmen Stockman is vulnerable to contracting the Corona Virus due to his very poor state of health and advanced age, if the hype about the threat level of this virus is to be believed.

It’s worth noting that the Congressman was “hot on the trail” of rogue persons of interest in the crime ridden Obama administration, including, but not limited to the Jewish Head of the Fed, Lois Lerner.  Conveniently for the higher ups who Congressman Stockman’s courageous efforts were about to call into account, the deep state was gripped by the sudden “revelation” that it was none other than this public servant and statesman who was breaking the law, and with remarkable speed and efficiency for a justice system that is notoriously slow and inefficient, prosecuted and jailed the Congressman for his alleged crimes.  Which in the discerning eyes of patriots throughout the country, is in reality nothing more than having the nerve to try to hold elected officials accountable in the New Socialist States of AmeriKa .