Blood River Radio 2020-08-15 Hour 2 Show

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Hosted by Eddie “THE Son of a Bitch” Miller

Guests: Dave Gahary, Paul English

Tonight on Blood River Radio we are very proud and honored to host two rock solid guests: Dave Gahary, and Paul English—as they grace our program by spreading some exciting news about iconic author and friend of the show, Mike Goodrich’s legendary book, Hellstorm, which is newly released in its 2nd Edition by Money Tree Publishing and also available in documentary (produced by Kyle Hunt) and audio book form.

Some things you should know about tonight’s guests:
Both Mike Goodrich and Paul English have been on the show to chew the fat about the issues with us before, and were interviewed by Ike and Jacob to talk about another phenomenal, albeit lesser-known hard hitting historical work of Mike’s called The Day Dixie Died.
As the brains and vision behind two stellar printing operations: Money Tree Publishing, which is already linked above and Turning the Tide Publishing, Dave Gahary is an indefatigable purveyor of Populist prose that blows the proverbial lids off of a veritable cornucopia of wicked machinations of our (((traditional enemies))) whose dastardly do’s can be traced back to the highest echelons of power—and the catalogs of these plucky publishing houses are growing bigger and more diverse (in all the right and non-Commie ways) by the year.  Paul English is an incredibly talented guy who works behind the scenes providing invaluable services for a number of ardent patriots and warriors for the cause of truth, liberty and righteousness.  If you’ve ever wondered how some in our circles are able to get such impressive things accomplished on a shoestring budget, nerds like Paul are the reason. He also did the narration for the audio book version of Hellstorm and it’s quite literally “phenomenal and breathtaking simultaneously and in equal parts.” [Assuming of course you place any stock whatsoever in Jacob’s endorsements…He is a bit of a weirdo, not to mention a shameless promoter, so take it with a grain of salt…]

Hellstorm is possibly one of the greatest books ever written, in that it completely destroys a large part of the lie of the century concerning World War II: That the Germans were bad, the Jews were innocent victims, the Holohoax of the blessed magical 6 [insert bright lights and choir vocalizations here] million happened exactly as advertised, and that the Allies and the Russian Bolsheviks were heroic liberators who made the world safe for Democracy. “That’s nice, but why should I invest my already limited time in this work as opposed to the many others vying for my attention, you dashing and handsome fellows?” we hear you asking.
Because Hellstorm blows these devilish and monstrous lies all to hell and sends them slithering back to the shadows from whence they were conceived with a litany of bombshell facts of suppressed history!

Tune in tonight as Blood River Radio delivers the Granddaddy of all BLACK PILLS!



Hellstorm, all formats. Cover art and 3D mockups designed by BRR’s own Jacob Tyler. You can click the image to order your copies today.  And we strongly recommend you do so.  Not only can you support the amazing work that Dave, Paul and Mike are doing, but you can add this jaw-dropping, gut-wrenching, unflinching expose to your personal library. It’s a win-win.












Download the AFP issue dedicated to Charlottesville, which also features Jacob’s man-on-the-ground report here:
Issue 35_36 2017 AFP
You can also download the issue of AFP which Jacob’s article on the follow up White Lives Matter event in Shelbyville here:
Issue 45_46 2017 AFP








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