BRR 2019-06-29 Hour 1 Show

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Hour 1

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Matt, Eddie, Lee and Jacob meet up at NatSol 2019


Host: Eddie The Bombardier Miller.

Guest: Nicholas is a retired General of the Croatian Army, Simon Roche is a high ranking member of Suitlanders in South Africa. Suidlanders is the largest civil defense organization in the world. It is recognized by the United Nations and protected under the umbrella of international law.

By Line:

General Nicholas describes in every detail the Bolshevic Satanist war on the countries of Eastern Europe and the old Soviet Union with what followed- unspeakable terror with the torcher and brutal murders, rapes, and enslavement of tens of millions of white Christians having the misfortune of following prey to the Satanic Jewish led killing frenzy- a murderous campaign the likes of which the world has never seen-a Jewish killing frenzy driven by maniacal ethnic hatred of anything white and Christian.

The second half of the hour reads like the worse horror movie in history- a movie that makes “The Texas Chainsaw Murder” seem tame, in comparison!  South African Whites are being hunted down, ambushed, raped and tortured by black feral animals in ways too terrible to describe. Their homes are invaded and/or razed to the ground. Whites as young as 2 years and past the age of 80 are raped, hacked into pieces, boiled alive, doused with gasoline and set on fire.  All these horrors and more occur on a routine basis in South Africa, while the Jew-owned Ziomedia keeps it all secret!