2019-06-22 Hour 2 Show

Though it pains them to have had to have done so Eddie, Lee, Matt, and Jacob took a brief sabbatical tonight.  We are loathe at the prospect of leaving our listeners in the lurch, however, and so for your listening enjoyment and edification, we would like to present a re-broadcast of our January 26th episode.  It’s a personal favorite of Eddie’s and is one he frequently reminisces on  as one of the most gut-wrenching shows he has ever done.  Next week the gang will be in Burns, TN for a special broadcast of the history-making symposium, NatSol 2019! (www.nationalistsolutions.com) This event is a visionary and ground-breaking conference sponsored by the American Freedom Party, The Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South which endeavors to facilitate pan-spectrum fellowship and collaboration amongst the dissidents and luminaries of the right wing and boasts a speaking roster jam-packed with high-octane leaders in the movement writ large who have heretofore seldom if ever shared a stage!  The annual gathering is only in its second year and is already shaping up as one of the most dynamic, phenomenal and exciting events of the year.

Hour 2  (Originally aired, January 26, 2019) 
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Paul Fromm has been in the patriot movement for many years. He shared his reported on Monika Schaefer, the lady who was jailed in Germany for merely questioning the Zio/ establishment propaganda myth of the Holocaust. We learned that it is considered anti-Semitic hate speech to even question ANY part of the official fairy tale of the Holy-Hoax and it’s punishable with stiff finds and prison sentences.