2019-06-22 Hour 1 Show

Though it pains them to have had to have done so Eddie, Lee, Matt, and Jacob took a brief sabbatical tonight.  We are loathe at the prospect of leaving our listeners in the lurch, however, and so for your listening enjoyment and edification, we would like to present a re-broadcast of our January 26th episode.  It’s a personal favorite of Eddie’s and is one he frequently reminisces on  as one of the most gut-wrenching shows he has ever done.  Next week the gang will be in Burns, TN for a special broadcast of the history-making symposium, NatSol 2019! (www.nationalistsolutions.com) This event is a visionary and ground-breaking conference sponsored by the American Freedom Party, The Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South which endeavors to facilitate pan-spectrum fellowship and collaboration amongst the dissidents and luminaries of the right wing and boasts a speaking roster jam-packed with high-octane leaders in the movement writ large who have heretofore seldom if ever shared a stage!  The annual gathering is only in its second year and is already shaping up as one of the most dynamic, phenomenal and exciting events of the year.

Hour 1  (Originally aired, January 26, 2019) 
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We have had several shows that were very emotional. Tonight’s show was the most emotionally draining of all. Nellie is a survivor of “The Battle of Charlottesville”. She was right in the middle of the front lines of the whole ordeal, including the fights in and around the infamous, Market Street parking garage, where Danial Borden and Jacob Goodwin came to the aid of several fellow white patriots being attacked by Antifa. Both young men were later railroaded in a kangaroo court – ominously reminiscent of Stalinist show trials- and sentenced to long prison terms on the bogus charge of malicious wounding. Tonight, Nellie gave eye witness testimony venerating Jacob and Daniel as true heroes and exposing the lies of the Ziomedia which has vilified them. Also, Daniel Borden called into the show from prison and joined his dad in painting the “black pill” portrait of Orwellian conditions white people suffer through living under the Zio Communist government in Amerika.