2019-06-15 Hour 1 Show

Hour 1
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Host Eddie The Bombardier Miller and Lee Cochran ride herd for the whole 2 Hours.

Guest: Phil Tourney is a survivor of the USS Liberty massacre.

By Line:

June 8, 1967 marked a day worse than infamy- it marks a day of the lowest form of treason and betrayal. There is no greater treason, no greater betrayal a country can commit worse than taking sides with a foreign country and aiding and abetting that foreign nation in acts of war against its own citizens and/or service men. . . and /or sending them into an intentional death like a sacrificial lamb-That’s exactly what was done by The Jewish Apartheid, racist supremacist state of Israel with the full cooperation of The United States Government to the sailors and Marines of The United States Ship Liberty. Eddie Phil and Lee carry the truth of this vast betrayal and treason to the listeners of BRR.