2019-03-09 Hour 1 Show

Hour 1
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Guest: Michael S King, Author of The Bad WarHost: Eddie The Bombardier Miller and Cohost Gene Andrews.

Topic: M.S. King joins the Blood River men tonight to completely cover his newest book. Mr Mike King asserts that all establishment history of both World War I and World War 2 – which is really one war- world war part one and world war part two- that has been perpetrated by the educational system – from grammar school all through College and grad school – is a monstrous lie. Its a lie so diabolical that it’s almost supernatural in origin. Not only has the entire educational system been subverted, the media and entertainment industry is captive to the same diabolical forces/the enemy of all white people. We name the enemy – it’s the eternal Jew. So, tune in to this archived show to learn the complete history of the great war from the very beginning (in 1894) to the end ( in 1950).