2019-02-16 Hour 1 Show

Hour 1
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Hours 1 and 2 Guest Monika Shaefer appeared on both hours, the first time ever a guest was held over for the entire length of the show.

Monika started the show off by describing,in methodical detail,the 74th anniversary of the Dresden Bombing, which went on for 3 days. On February 13th, 1945, the western allies, mainly the British, launched 3 successive waves of a 1000 plane bombing raid. The 1st wave of bombers carried percussion bombs, designed to blow walls of civilian homes down and destroy roof tops off homes. Then, the 2nd day, February, 14th, when all the civilian population thought the bombers were gone, the Brits sent in a 2nd wave of bombs loaded with incendiary bombs which were designed to create a virtual “hell storm” of super intense heat. It was so hot the asphalt melted and ran like lava! Humans, even in basements, were literally melted into piles of blobs of unrecognized fat. The third day, fighter planes, carrying machine guns came and machine gunned the survivors in parks and on the bank of the Rhine River.

Monika then described the totalitarian “so called” justice system in Germany. She told in detail her trial in the German Court where she was convicted of “thought crime” for, simply making a short video about the so called Holocaust and how she survived prison. Most importantly, probably, was her summation on the relevance to our world we live in today in the presence scary political climate of anti-white, anti-Christian hate.