2019-01-26 Hour 1 Show

Hour 1
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We have had several shows that were very emotional. Tonight’s show was the most emotionally draining of all. Nellie is a survivor of “The Battle of Charlottesville”. She was right in the middle of the front lines of the whole ordeal, including the fights in and around the infamous, Market Street parking garage, where Danial Borden and Jacob Goodwin came to the aid of several fellow white patriots being attacked by Antifa. Both young men were later railroaded in a kangaroo court – ominously reminiscent of Stalinist show trials- and sentenced to long prison terms on the bogus charge of malicious wounding.Tonight, Nellie gave eye witness testimony venerating Jacob and Daniel as true heroes and exposing the lies of the Ziomedia which has vilified them. Also, Daniel Borden called in to the show from prison and joined his dad in painting the “black pill” portrait of Orwellian conditions white people suffer through living under the Zio Communist government in Amerika.