2019-01-12 Hour 1 Show

Hour 1
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Guest: Tamara Goodwin and Rudy Davis.

Topics- Tamara tells the tragic story about how her son, Jacob Goodwin, like so many other veteran heroes of the battle of Charlottesville – August 12, 2017- was railroaded in a kangaroo Court and sentenced to the ridiculous term of 8 years. Jacob, like all the other alt-right political prisoners from that battle, were proven innocent by the mountains of video evidence and eye witness testimony. The Stalinist court run by communist judges and white-hating jurors were hell bound to send them to prison, the evidence be damned. Shockingly, Tamara said the authorities have even criminally edited the court notes and refused to allow the defense to present their defense not allowing evidence to be presented.

Rudy Davis is a great, dedicated prison minister. He educated the audience about the fact that there are secret prisons in America, even as we speak that are chocked full of political prisoners.