2018-12-22 Hour 1 Show

Hour 1
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Guest Simon Roche, Head of the Office of the coordinator of Suidlanders, reports live from South Africa .Suidlanders is the largest civil defense organization in the world. It is sanctioned under the United Nations and operates under strict guidelines of international law designed to prevent genocide.

Theme – the steadily deteriorating political environment as evidenced by the murderous crime rate and the upcoming in SA for genocide of all whites in South Africa promised by the all black South African government. Increasing black on white violence is highlighted by Increase of white farm murders by the usual suspects – black savages.

Application- Simon pleads for white brothers of the world to send aid in the form of diesel fuel, medicine and money while there is still time. Simon refuses Blood River Radio’s offer to plea for armed foreign volunteers to come to SA to serve as combat solders in defense of SA Whites for fear that it may somehow, negate protection under intern
December 29, 2018

** Recorded program with several minor technical gliches.

Guest -Tennessee resident, Rich Hamblen and Simon Roche of South Africa (SA)

Topics – Further expanding upon December 15’s topic of South African overall situation in SA
as it applies to and effects White SA citizens. Many factors that the Ziomedia have suppressed that are detrimental to not just SA whites but whites globally are uncovered in this broadcast.

a. whites have been in SA for 6 to 7 generations. carved a great garden place civilization out of desert wilderness.

b. infrastructure in shambles. highways are in disrepair, potholed. buildings unpainted, rotting. trash everywhere. hydroelectric plants over in early stages of failure.

c. Red China making ominous colonization inroads – totally suppressed by globalist/Zionist fake news media.

d. increased farm murders. Johannesburg most dangerous city on earth.

Theme – South Africa is a portrait of our not too distant future in America.