2018-12-01 Hour 1 Show

Hour 1
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Guest: Dave Gahary, author of the book Erasing the Liberty, and producer of the movie by the same name.

The vicious, day of infamy, planned, premeditated, unprovoked, surprise attack by the Israeli military on an American ship.

In June, 1967 the ship USS Liberty, unarmed, armored electronic high-tech, surveillance naval ship was in international waters miles off the coast of Israel. There were no hostilities between the two countries, Israel and the U.S. The attack was particularly low-down and rotten. Dave covers in minute detail how the Israeli military knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the USS Liberty was an American ship, but the Israelis attacked it full force. The ship was hit by air-to-sea missiles, air-to-ship machine gun strafing fire, and napalm, and ship-to-ship torpedoes. The Israelis even machine-gunned the life boats.