2018-11-24 Hour 2 Show

Hour 2

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Guest David Earnest Duke, former Louisiana State Congressman, B.S. History L.S.U., Doctorate History University of the Ukraine, personal friend Alexander Solzhenitsyn (The Gulag Archipelago), President and creator of National Association for the Advancement of White People, Prolific writer and Author.  Most well known works:  Jewish Supremacism, The Secret Behind Communism.

Topics: Satanic / Zionist Infiltration of the Evangelic Church of America, Jewish Zionist billionaire George Soros embedded in the Southern Baptist Church. The renewed attack on The New Testament by International Jewish Cabal calling for legislation labeling The New Testament as HATE SPEECH, forcing warning labels on Bibles similar to warning labels on cigarettes. International Jewish Zionist attack U.S. Sovereignty lobbing for complete destruction /dismantling of all Southern border and strict gun control for Americans while maintaining strict border security for Israel and open carry for Israel.